About Us

Mitchison and Sons, Inc. is a family owned and operated company servicing the upstate New York region for over two generations. We work to meet all of our clients site work needs from start to finish by perfecting our land clearing and excavation services. Our dedication provides a smooth transition throughout the phases of your project.

Mitchison and Sons, Inc was founded in 1991 by Kyle Mitchison. Before starting his excavation company he founded Mitchison Trucking in 1989 where he hauled aggregates for multiple construction companies and home owners in the upstate New York region.

As the company began to grow, Kyle sought the help of his three sons Travis, Cody and Austin to use their skills to help in various different areas. Travis Mitchison joined the company in 2010 after graduating Hudson Valley Community College where he recieved his associates degree in Construction Management. Travis brings his project management skills to the company to help ensure a smooth transition on the job sites.

Cody Mitchison joined the company in 2012 as Mitchison and Sons, Inc head mechanic. At a young age Cody began to learn the inner-workings of trucks with the help of his father and mentors around the family shop. After years of perfecting his skills he began to work on the company trucks when help was needed on the jobsites.

Austin Mitchison joined the company in 2013 specializing in running the operations of equipment on job sites. With his extensive knowledge of running machinery he is able to provide perfected clearing services ensuring a safe and easy clean up.

With the growth of the company and scoope of work, Mitchison and Sons, Inc continues to value a family approach to their work. The growth has proved great success and continues to grow every day.